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Leadership is undoubedly the most important factor in true business success…..Great Leaders will enable a doubling of Profits .

The Global marketplace is truly Brutaful( Brutal AND Beautiful) .If anyone ever queried the VUCA( Volatile,Uncertain,Chaos and Ambiguity ) concept the world Corona crisis is living evidence ! The challenges facing our South African CEO’s in this crisis are a wonderful crucible for true leadership .As we are immersed into our 2020 year, the excitement builds dramatically in our week 31 pulse view. In essence ,We have a Global Crisis ….Time for Real Leadership in all areas of our lives !

COVID-19 conundrum continues, mixed messages, PPE tender scandals, new infection spikes, 2nd wave fears????; SA infections rise to 493 183, recoveries @326 171, sadly 8005  deaths????; WHO warns SA against neglecting non-Covid health services????; WC cases peak with room to spare????; De Lille suspends public works DG over irregular contracts????; treasury considers centralizing PPE procurement processes????????????; Nehawu threatens to shut SA down over lack of PPE????; SAA rescue plan get R10 bn green light????✈️; Tshwane administrators bow to union pressure in 6.25% wage deal????; tobacco lobby group looks to Supreme Court of Appeals to challenge ban????; taverns want nearly R700 million from gov????; IMF believes gov is committed to transparency as R70 bn loan received????; CR fires up NPA/Zondo commission collaboration⚖️; treasury says NO to raft of Covid-19 tax relief proposals????????????; insurance sector to pay business interruption claims????????; Eskom to cancel R14 bn contract amid irregularities????????????????????; SA public servants very well paid says OECD????; alcohol ban a bloodbath for workers in wine industry????; over regulation stifling auto industry warns RMI Chief????; eased restrictions bring slight relief to tourism & hospitality sector????; internationally, Trump hints at postponing US elections, markets weary of such uncertainty & could get “ugly” if election results contested as Biden’s lead widens????????????; US Q2 annualized economy shrinks 33%, steepest drop since 1947????????; Mexico’s economy plunges 18.2% in Q2????; FED warns COVID-19 poses considerable risk to US recovery ???? ; US details plans on withdrawing 12 000 troops from Germany????; Spain battles to save tourism as new infections soar????; Australia offers a glimpse into what lies ahead for US & EU as winter approaches & 2nd wave cases skyrocket????????; Countries worldwide impose new restrictions as 2nd wave threatens????; ECB suggests banks extend dividend ban????; Turkey spends billions to support tanking lira????; Zim signs compensation deal with white farmers????; Hong Kong arrests over social media posts spark clampdown fears, elections postponed for a year????????; rise in coastal flooding could cost the world 20% of GDP☔️????; indices, JSE@55721⬆️; DOW@26428⬇️; FTSE@5896⬇️; R/$17.01; R/£22.33; R/€20.11; bitcoin $11421; sports front, NY lawyer bids for majority stake in Stormers franchise????; CT sevens 2020 called off????????; F1 avoids America’s but adds 3 more races to EU season????;

( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )

As we work through this Global Crisis ,what real Leadership change will we embark on this coming week ?