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What We Do

We provide unique, tailor-made and results focused leadership programmes to take your executive
leadership from good to extraordinary. Our solutions include:

Leadership Assessment and Evaluation

Our specialized Leadership psychometric capability provides unique understanding of the leadership capability to produce results

Company Culture Assessment

Using state-of-the-art tools we provide assessments of your organisation’s culture to give leadership the necessary context to drive the organisation forward.

Specialised Leadership Recruitment and Selection

Tailor-made executive recruitment and selection services to ensure long-term leadership success, integrating business context with candidate capability.

Leadership Onboarding and Integration

Assist and guide new leaders into newly appointed Executive positions by preparing leaders to “hit the ground running”. Research shows that effective onboarding dramatically enhances leadership success.

Offering professional leadership coaching support programmes integrated with hands-on guidance from business experienced coaches, delivering behavioural change in leaders that will lead to tangible organisational impact.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Development

Development and delivery of tailor-made team integration programmes critical for ELT cohesion and successful delivery of exceptional results.

Leadership Development Programmes and Workshops

An array of Executive Leadership Development programmes are tailor-made for business context and executive capability.

Tailor-made Leadership Development Solutions

Providing an array of contextual executive leadership development programs, tailor-made for the modern executive to quip them with the necessary skills to effectively deal with VUCA business situations.

Corporate Strategy Development

Working with the ELT to develop, review and align on a viable strategic vision, mission and tactical plans for the achievement of extraordinary results within the organisation.

“In a world with cheap capital, low technological boundaries and trade barriers going down every day the one massive opportunity for differential between companies is leadership. The benefit to an organisation and me personally was huge – both in financial results but also the ability of the company to define and grow its business strategically and operationally.”

– Transnational company CEO

“In working with the Leadership Consortium, I have experienced a unique combination of Leadership Growth and increased effectiveness. By this I mean, finding a logical framework to understand myself and others I interact with as well as learning to trust my intuitive-self to become more aware and more comfortable with my place in the world . This growth has been manifest through personal development as well as business effectiveness. This leadership development process has been crucial to my future happiness and positive career passion.”

– International Food Business Global Executive

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