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Leadership is the most important factor in true business success…..Great Leaders will enable a doubling of Profits .

The Global marketplace is truly Brutaful( Brutal AND Beautiful) .Wow Wow Wow …..if anyone ever queried the VUCA( Volatile,Uncertain,Chaos and Ambiguity ) concept the world Corona crisis is living evidence !The challenges facing our South African CEO’s in this crisis are a wonderful crucible for true leadership .As we are immersed into our 2020 year, the excitement builds dramatically in our week 14 pulse view. In essence ,We have a Global Crisis ….Time for Real Leadership in all areas of our lives !

COVID chaos resumes, volatility continues, global bourses search for semblance of stability????; SA Covid-19 cases top 1500 as sadly 7 deaths registered????; CR steps up Corona fight with home visits & mobile tech use????????; Fitch downgrades SA further into junk????; banks offer relief measures to assist consumers financially through next 3 mths????????; Billions pledged from Ruperts, Oppenheimer families, along with Naspers????????; local companies urged to free up protective equipment for health workers????; Eskom scales back maintenance & takes units offline????; bus companies & transport unions reach wage agreement????????; public servants on tenterhooks over salary hikes????; Eskom declares force majeure on wind farms as demand falls????; Covid-19 cases rising slower than expected, government still cautious says Mkhize ????; lockdown holding up council budgeting processes????; Mbalula relaxes Covid-19 regulations on taxi industry????; new vehicle sales take massive knock????; former SAA express CEO appointed Transnet freight rail boss????; CR defends use of police & SANDF through lockdown????; justice minister appoints SA 1st solicitor-general⏳; internationally, Global Coronavirus infections top 1 million????; Italy has most Covid-19 deaths at 14 000, Spain follows at 11 000????; France proposes euro zone rescue fund????; US lost 700 000 jobs in March, while unemployment surged to 4.4%????; unemployment in Austria jumps 66% to post WW2 levels????; global manufacturing suffers one of the grimmest months on record????; Chinese factories slowly hum while Japan & South Korea exports collapse????????; FED opens repo facility to allow exchange of treasuries for USD????????; Trump spurns oil market with suggestions of Saudi/OPEC/Russia truce & huge cuts????; Trump pivots from COVID-19 to US infrastructure spend????; G20 assures emerging market assistance with Crisis????; Africa needs R1.7 trillion to fight Covid-19 says UN????; half of Zims population may starve without AID warns IMF????; tent towns arrive in NY under siege of a virus scorned????; global recession inevitable as COVID-19 takes hold????; indices, JSE@44598⬆️; DOW@21052⬇️; FTSE@5415⬇️; R/$19.03; R/£23.36; R/€20.57; Bitcoin $6748; sports front, Wimbledon cancelled for 1st time since WW2????; English Premier League lobby players to take 30% pay cut⚽️; Vettel & Hamilton agree to wage cuts????; SARU warns that returning to play “critical” for industry????( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )

So …..As we face this Global Crisis ,what real Leadership change will we embark on this coming week ?