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Agile leaders spend more time on strategy, less on operations .A study by Bain highlighted that Agile leaders understand that good ideas can come from anyone, so they view their job as helping team members learn and take responsibility, rather than telling every team member what to do and how to do it. This frees them up to create more value by focusing on the tasks they are truly best positioned to tackle, such as developing corporate strategy and sponsoring major cross-functional innovations.

Making informed decisions is more crucial than ever  in leading organisations to greatness.  Leadership Pulse is a capsule of last’s week’s unfolding dynamics ….a great way to prepare your plans for week  ahead.

Covid 4.0 recovery continues, vaccine drive upping the anti with mooted vaccine pass ???????????? ; SA sees massive drop is cases as pandemic slows across the world????; infections @2 877 063, sad deaths @85952, Jabs @15 913 116 ???????????? ????; China’s Sinovac Biotech SA vaccine facility to be up & running within 3 mths????????; lockdown takes psychological toll on new parents reveals study????; matrics warned – No Covid vaccine, no entry policy says Ballito Rage festival organisers????????????????; CR moves SA to level 2 as 3rd wave abates????????; SA universities weigh mandatory jabs for staff & students????????; Treasury evaluates further unrest relief measures????‍????; ConCourt stands by its decision to send JZ to jail????????; ANC staff threaten to lay criminal charges against governing party????????; Enoch Godongwana recoils from R73.5bn ANC spending spree????; Eskom pension & prov fund to boost private equity exposure????????; Mkhwebane accuses CR of intimidation in reply to perjury claim????⚖️; Eskom burning through diesel after Kendal outage????; BRICS to provide financial & political support to respond to future pandemics????????; Ace loses bid to appeal against suspension from ANC????????; IEC voting tech to face stress test on registration weekend ????; rich nations head to SA to urge exit from coal????; Patel says localisation drive will not derail Africa’s free trade deal????????; internationally, UK faces winter blackouts after fire knocks out cable????; Zim bars unvaccinated civil servants from work????????; US to help Aus get nuke submarines as China’s power grows ????; Pfizer says vaccine defense against Covid-19 wanes after 6-8 mths????????; SpaceX Inspiration4 takes 1st all civilian crew into orbit????; Uk inflation hits 9yr high in August as food prices rise????; Christine Lagarde decries disparity between men & women in workplace????????; Putin squeezes life out of Russia’s opposition????; North Korea fires ballistic missiles as tensions mount????; pace of US consumer price growth cools in august????; UN warns Syria is unsafe for refugees as violence worsens????????; Bali holds its breath as Covid restrictions eased????????; Covid explodes as Mauritius opens up, overwhelms hospitals & cemeteries????????????; how German banks will shape up depends on who takes over from Merkel ???? ; Japan overtakes US in vaccine race????; US & EU agree on cutting emissions by 1/3rd????; Bank of France raises growth outlook to 6.3%????; Israeli prime minister in 1st official visit to Egypt in a decade????????; IMF chief in spotlight after China rigging report????; Democrats slim down Biden’s tax plan????; Russia mobilises 200 000 troops in war games with Belarus????; Xi urges communist party members to stop protecting own interests????; FBI releases declassified memo on 9/11 attacks????; expensive winter awaits EU as record energy prices inflate power costs????????; indices, JSE@62863⬇️; DOW@34584⬇️; FTSE@6963⬇️; R/$14.57;R/£20.10;R/€17.14; Bitcoin $48331; sports, 18th yr old Emma Raducanu stuns tennis world as 1st ever qualifier to win Grand Slam with US open victory????????????????; Kohli to quit as T20 captain post World Cup????; SA open returns to sun city with R21 million purse ⛳️ ; springboks expect another grind session in wallabies rematch after last weeks faltering performance????; spectators to return to IPL matches in UAE???? ( Thanks to Dan Thomalla )


One of my Leadership Guru’s , Ichak Adizes ,often poses this question ….What to do ?  As Leaders then ……what real Leadership initiative will we embark on this coming week to drive our organisations into better places ?