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Organizations keep saying they want good leaders, but they don’t. They want great leaders.

Best-selling author Joe Folkman, Ph.D., says the difference between good and great leaders is huge:

  • Research has shown that 33 percent of direct reports of good leaders are thinking about quitting. Great leaders only have 6 percent.
  • In a mortgage bank study, good leaders brought in $2.4 million in business; great leaders made $4.5 million.
  • In terms of engagement, good leaders had direct reports in the 50th percentile; great leaders had direct reports in the 80th percentile in terms of their engagement.
  • When it comes to discretionary effort – the willingness to give more and do more – good leaders had 29 percent of direct reports who are willing to make extra effort; great leaders have 78 percent.

How does a leader move from good to great?

You must gain an accurate sense of how effective you are – what are your strengths and where do you not perform as well.

Zenger Folkman  research has shown that if a leader has just three strengths, their effectiveness was at the 81% percentile and if they do five things well, their effectiveness was at the 90th percentile.

The Leadership Consortium offers The Extraordinary Leader™ workshops  where you’ll receive a precise assessment of how effective you are along with tools for further developing your leadership characteristics.  We found that if you can be exceptional at a few critical things, you can be a great leader.

What makes The Extraordinary Leader workshop so impactful?

You’ll get a 360-degree assessment of your leadership effectiveness, benchmarked against over 100K other leaders across the globe. This will uncover your greatest strengths along with your weakest capabilities. This accurate sense of where you are as a leader will tell you exactly what’s needed to get to your leadership goal.

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