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Every successful Leader needs a Business Coach !

On your road to becoming an Extraordinary Leader You  need a Business Coach.  If you take your cue from the sports world  you will not find many of the world’s top rated Tennis Players without a coach on the bench ….if you take the world’s best soccer teams, there will always be a coach on the side-lines. Similarly with other world class Success profiles .Bill Gates ( Ed Roberts -PC Inventor ),Steve Jobs ( Robert Friedland – Ivanhoe Energy Inc founder), Warren Buffet (Ben Graham -Owner of Geico Insurance) , Oprah Winfrey ( Maya Angelou ),Michael Jordan ( Phil Jackson – Basketball coach).

As cited by our colleague ,John Raddall ( ) never before has there been such a dire need for Extraordinary Leadership. There is a perfect storm brewing, which we ignore at our peril……there is an urgent and dire need to move to Extraordinary Leadership.

  1. The lifespan of organisations is declining rapidly.
  2. 90% of so-called transformations are failing.
  3. The 400 billion dollar annual leadership training investment has failed hopelessly. It’s not working.
  4. 85% of employees see their boss as the biggest problem at work.
  5. Over 90% of senior leaders are scientifically and environmentally illiterate.
  6. The Great Resignation. The perfect storm already unleashed.
  7. The global environmental crisis

So why do we not insist on our own Leadership Business coach ? Possibly , one of the challenges is the process of deciding on the right Business Coach ….

The broader Coaching market is indeed massive, with a wide array of service providers. Life coaching, success coaching, confidence coaching – these are all powerful…but not the same as business coaching. Life coaches help you live more fulfilling lives, success coaches help you to focus on your strengths, confidence coaches show you how to speak to people better, passion coaches encourage you to follow your dreams. All of these will help you be more successful in your life and your endeavours…but business coaches have one core goal: to help your business improve.

We passionately believe that Leadership is the most important contributor to organisational success .Furthermore ,our mission is “to make people better  for companies , and companies better for people to deliver Extraordinary results” . Business Coaching is a key element of our Extraordinary Leadership journey.

So with that clarification ,why do we still not insist on our own Leadership Business coach ? Our experience in working with Leaders is that the selection process is not easy and often delays or even leads to poor/bad experiences. Here is our list of definitive most important criteria to use in choosing your ideal Business Coach :

  • Qualified coaching accreditation and affiliation (ICF or IOC)
  • Hands-on business management experience in managing and delivering a P&L and Balance Sheet set of deliverables
  • Competency in Leadership assessment technologies and associated accreditation with international relevance.
  • A Coaching model and system that demonstrates a ROI – Payment for results
  • Personal chemistry where there can be support AND a continual challenge and stretching engagement
  • A strategic thinker and practitioner whereby the relationship addresses and encompasses the business context, the personal wiring diagram and team dynamics
  • Competency in Change Management tools and systems to allow for measured Leadership growth
  • Well versed with current Leadership trends, thought leadership and global leadership dynamics.
  • A person of character and gravitas with a strong ethical foundation
  • A character who is trustworthy and where Confidential issues are dealt with appropriate sensitivity

So what is preventing  you from now engaging your Business Coach !